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Preturile noastre includ:
  Km nelimitati
  Asigurare Casco
  Livrare gratuita in Bucuresti
  Asistenta Non-Stop

Termeni si conditii

General Conditions
Our client has to read, accept and sign our car rental contract. He has to match all our requirements stated below. Our company has the right to refuse the car rental without any explanation.
The client's age
The client and the declared drivers mentioned in the contract have to be at least 21 years old and they also need to have a valid driver licence older that 1 year. If any of our requirements is not passed, a minimum 300 Euro waranty will be needed which will be recovered after the car will be returned will all the documents and accessories.
The Payment
Our prices are in Euro and the VAT (valua added tax) and the insurrances are not included. We will accept cash, payed in advance in Euro, USD or RON at the RNB (Romanian National Bank) rate. The credit card payment will be accepted with a comission charge. There may be situations when a deposit between 100 Euro and 300 Euro is required at the delivery. The deposit might be used as penalty for any interior or exterior damages (200 Euro), the theft of any accessory of the car (300 Euro) etc. This deposit will be recovered if the car is returned in the very good functional and car body condition, with all the documents and car accessories, petrol and motor oil.
The petrol and the motor oil
The petrol is not included in the initial price. The car is delivered with a full tank fuel and it has to be returned in the same condition. The fuel which has to be added will be priced at 1 Euro / liter. The motor oil and the maintenaince of the car are part of the owner's obligations.
The returning and the recovery of the car
The delivery and the returning of the car will be take place at the date and site mentioned in the rental contract, without any additional costs when the car is in the Bucharest area. The car can be returned in other locations with an additional charge and the owner's approval . The car will be delivered to the client in a very good condition, without any hidden or visible malfunctions, any information about the condition of the car being written in the contract. The client will return the car and the its papers, accessories and equipment at the place, date and hour mentioned in the contract. In the event of a delay of less than one hour there will be no additional charge. For a delay between one and three hours the charge will be half of the day rental price and for delays of more than three hours there will be a charge similar to one day of rent. After the expiration date the contract will be canceled if there is no other convention, and we have the right to declare the car as being stolen. The Car Use
The client has to drive the car by respecting the circulation rules on the public ways and other rules like:
- the car can not be overloaded or used for commercial transportation
- the car can not be used in races, tests or to pull or tract any other vehicles.
- any repair of the will be done in an authorized garages, respecting the owner's instructions. The amout of the invoice will be returned to the client and the invoice will be presented to the owner, together with the repair summary.
- the car can not be left unlocked (with the opened door or window) or with the contact key inside.
- the client will use the car as it is mentioned in the car manufacturer instructions.
The Insurance
The vehicle is insured for damages for the rental period specified in the contract. The car damages from the client's fault are covered for the amount of guarantee offered (200-500 Euros).The owner will not be responsible for any object left inside the car during the rental period. In case of an accident the Police declaration is required. A verbal process which will reflect the car damages and a repair authorization will be provided by the Police. All these documents are used for the insurance process and car repair. The Police declaration is needed in all the situations: if the client is guilty, if the client is guilty but is not part of the accident, if the responsability is unknown. Without all these papers the client will cover all the repair expenses. 

Any conflict between the client and the car owner will be solved by the Bucharest Court.

Termeni si conditii
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